May 27, 2015 - Universal Drop Rates For All Levels
In this update we have adjusted the drop rates so that regardless of what level you are you will recieve 100% penya and drop from all mobs. This means level 150's can farm mammoths etc and get the same drop rate as a level 80 would. This should help the economy grow tremendously.. Patch Notes 27/05/2015
May 1, 2015 - New Shields, 1980x1020 Resolution & More
In this weeks patch we add a new selection of shields to red merchant npc exclusively, increasing the maximum FlyFF resolution to 1980x1020 and a long list of other things including the crash fix for the users who crashed when teleporting/going to dungeons. To view the full patch notes visit it here General Patch Notes 01/05/2015
April 8, 2015 - Item Mall & Vote Shop updates
We have just updated the item mall shop with many new items and adjusted pricing accordingly, we have also adding items to vote shop. Please be aware we are adding shop icons soon, to view how items look use our model viewer system ingame. Start -> Custom Content -> Model viewer.
April 5, 2015 - The Beginning of a New Journey
Its time for a new beginning, we have relaunched FlyForHero with a new development team and goals. We are launching with lower rates and a more rewarding experience, we believe FlyFF at this core is a great game but it has succumbed to becoming pay to win and less user friendly. With the new launch comes some amazing new features and fixes, it has taken our team months to put this together and we are delighted with the outcome. The features don't change what FlyFF is, it just enhances it, and that's all we try to aim for. Not to change the game into something its not, rather to enhance the great aspects of the game. We know you have been waiting for far too long for this, and we assure you that our team will provide updates constantly with top class support, no more waiting days for your tickets to be answered, you are guaranteed a response within 24 hours. Lastly, we hope you enjoy the new updates and understand the situation that has occurred. We only want the best for the server so some things HAD to change.
April 5, 2015 - New Websites
As you may of noticed we have a new website! The website isn't just for looks, its functionality is far superior to the last and allows you to keep logs of everything going on with your account. Along with the new website is new forums too! We have moved to a much better forum software allowing integration with your in-game accounts, this is to keep things much more user friendly rather then registering twice on two separate sites. The new master account system means you can register up to 10 Game accounts per email, but please be warned you must use a real email that you own as if you lose access to any accounts we will not be able to help you unless you have access to the master email.
April 5, 2015 - Compensation
We are well aware that many players will want compensation for all their hard work, we are committed to keeping our player base happy however we cannot perform any request such as restoring any items. To receive compensation please read further on this thread and complete the procedure COMPENSATION PROCEDURE GUIDE